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Wellington is more than New Zealand's capital city. It is a vibrant and dynamic economic, cultural and social community. This energy is reflected in The Dominion Post, Wellington's daily newspaper with 130,000 Wellingtonians aged 15+ reading The Dominion Post each day. A total of 234,000 people from across central New Zealand and Wellington turn to The Dominion Post for news, features and advertising each Wellingtonians.

Newspaper Details

Civic Square, Wellington

Wellington and central regions are markets you cannot afford to overlook when advertising in New Zealand. The Dominion Post is the region's daily newspaper and covers the second largest metropolitan urban area in New Zealand. The Dominion Post reaches nearly half of Wellingtonians aged 15 years and over and has an average daily readership of 234,000 people aged over 15.

The Dominion Post reaches business decision makers and many coveted target consumer groups in the political, education, business, and cultural sectors. The newspapers' success is based on meeting the needs of all readers, whether business, family or individual, as well as delivering a successful business platform to advertisers.

Over the week content includes local, regional, national and international news; a big dose of daily politics; Capital Day (an insider's guide to Wellington); Culture, Opinion (political); BusinessDay; Entertainment; Sport; IT & Technology; Weather; Property Market and Commercial Property; Motoring; Job Market and executive recruitment; Farming, Greenzone (environment); and weekly tabloids TV Week; Arts & Entertainment; Life and Your Weekend magazine.


Newspaper Feature Available Days
  Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
Capital Day Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes  
Culture Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes    
Commercial Property   Yes       Yes  
News Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes  
Sport Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes  
World Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes  
Business Day Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes  
Politics Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes  
Entertainment Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes  
Opinion Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes  
Weather Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes  
Television Yes   Yes Yes Yes Yes  
Science & Technology Yes            
TV Week   Yes          
Health & Wellbeing   Yes          
Life     Yes        
Technology     Yes        
Extra Sports         Yes    
Property Market           Yes  
Job Market     Yes     Yes  
Greenzone           Yes  
Culture & Gig Guide (DPS)         Yes    
Culture & Film (DPS)       Yes      
Motoring           Yes  
Flashback           Yes  
Your Weekend           Yes  
iDom           Yes  
Your Money           Yes  


Download The Dominion Post features & sections.


Download The Dominion Post Technical Specifications

Premium Positions

Advertisers are able to purchase, subject to availability, front page, solus, premium and unique positions.

Size, availability and price are subject to request and availability.

Standard Sizes

Run of Paper ads (ROP) can be a minimum of 4cm deep to 10 columns (37.60 cm) wide, up to a maximum of 54cm deep by 10 columns wide.

Classified ads run from 2cm deep to 11 columns (37.70) wide, up to 44cm by 11 columns and then to 54cm by 11 columns.

Run of Paper

Monday to Friday - The Dominion Post publishes two sections: (1) News & (2) World, BusinessDay and Sport.

Saturday - there are two sections which incorporate: Section A - News and World, and Section B -Insight, BusinessDay and Sport. 
The weekend edition also carries the broadsheet pre-print sections: Property Market, Job Market and Motoring.
A stitched and trimmed magazine, Your Weekend, is inserted every Saturday.

Tabloid inserts are carried on Tuesday (TV Week) and Wednesday (Life).

As well as offering advertisers special daily news and feature environments and weekly features, magazines and pre-prints, The Dominion Post offers a variety of other advertising solutions. These include:


Click here for online advertising opportunities at


In-paper Inserts can range from single sheet to 25+ pages.

Inserts can be for a limited to a full print run. On the last Thursday of each month an additional 17,000 Dominion Post papers are delivered to central region rural delivery addresses, which presents a unique full run as well as a farming target opportunity for advertisers.

Hand Inserts with subscriber delivery can be discussed, quoted and arranged through your Dominion Post or Fairfax Media advertising account executive.

Inserts can also be handed out with The Dominion Post for special promotions, eg new product launches or inserts handed out with free copies of The Dominion Post to Wellington rail commuters. All these options and more can be discussed, quoted and arranged through your Dominion Post or Fairfax Media advertising account executive.

End Run Wraps can be arranged and handed out with The Dominion Post.  Please contact your Dominion Post or Fairfax Media advertising account executive for further details on unique insert opportunities.

Newspaper Wraps

Information on two page and four page cover wraps are available on request. Wraps are available on most days for Section B, C and D, tabloids and pre-prints. Section A wraps are held by editorial and available with editorial approval and for major events. Other wrap positions are available with front page sign off approvals through editorial.

Wraps on tabloids can be used for special promotions e.g: movie launch, new car launch, BusinessDay, new store launch, World, etc.

Please contact your advertising account executive to discuss newspaper wraps on +64 4 474 0000 or +64 9 970 4000.


Ad-tachments (stick-on advertising notes) are available on the front page of The Dominion Post.  Ad-tachment creative and visuals can be discussed, quoted and arranged through your Dominion Post or Fairfax Media advertising account executive.

Special Shapes

The Dominion Post, along with other Fairfax Media NZ newspapers, offers a variety and range of special advertising shapes to advertisers. Please refer to the Special Shapes section on this site or your requirements and requests can be discussed, quoted and arranged through your Dominion Post or Fairfax Media advertising account executive.

Rural Drops

On the last Thursday of each month, The Dominion Post delivers an additional 17,000 papers to Rural Delivery addresses in the central region. This Thursday issue has a special rural and farming focus and carries the latest news, features and commercial updates, including sales and property.


Ask us about our special glossy insert magazines published each year: HOME (Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter issues) and the always well received Christmas Gift Guide.


The Dominion Post has a series of features running through the year covering travel; education, entertainment, school holidays, health and beauty and other topics. For quotes and bookings please contact your Dominion Post or Fairfax Media advertising account executive.

One-off and Special Client Magazines

The Dominion Post specialises in special event magazines and produces glossy magazines for IRB International Sevens, World of Wearable Art Awards, NZ International Festival of the Arts and other organisations. In addition we can produce one off topic magazines for retail and other clients like restaurant guides, health and safety, retirement, and more.  Contact your Dominion Post or Fairfax Media advertising account executive for further details.

New plan Direct Brand Packages

Talk to us about our special retail-direct New plan advertising brand packages, which allow advertisers to advertise each week of the year.

Our advertising account executives are happy to discuss any of the above advertising offers and help you decide on unique advertising opportunities to reach your customers.

Download The Dominion Post media kit

The Dominion Post publishes a single level, colour inclusive and all category rate card. Advertising rates are the same on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday; with a separate rate on Wednesday and Saturday.

To calculate your ad cost take the advertisement size (height x width) and multiply by the rate for the day you wish to book.

See here for the new rates, effective 1 August 2012.

To calculate your full advertising/schedule cost take the rate and multiply by the advertisement size and the number of insertions required.

If you have a solus position or special loading add this percentage at the end. The total is the ad cost amount exclusive of GST.

Run of Paper and Display advertising

The booking deadline for run-of-paper and display advertising is three full working days in advance of the publishing date.
Please confirm deadlines for tabloids, magazines and tabloid pre-prints with your Dominion Post or Fairfax Media advertising account executive as these can vary. Alternatively please phone Wellington: +64 4 474 0000 or Auckland +64 9 970 4000.

Classified Display and Non-Display advertising

The booking deadline for classified display and non display is 3PM the working day prior to publishing date.

Saturday Pre-Prints

The booking deadline for pre-printed Saturday sections - Property Market and Job Market is four working days prior.

For more deadline details contact the Advertising Director on +64 4 474 0000.

All bookings can be made through your Dominion Post or Fairfax Media NZ advertising account executive,,, your agency representative or by phoning +64 4 474 0000.

Bookings can be made by through The Dominion Post, Fairfax Media Advertising Network,, or by calling your agency representative.

Classified non-display bookings can be placed through your account executive, or

If you are a new advertising client please fill in this credit application form and fax to +64 9 580 5944.

For more information about The Dominion Post and booking enquiries please contact:

Head Office
The Dominion Post
Level 1, 40 Boulcott Street,
PO Box 3740,
Wellington, New Zealand

Ph: +64 4 474 0000
Fax: +64 4 474 0389

Display: phone 04-474-0000; fax 04-474-0490;
Classifieds: phone 04-473-9999; fax 04-474-0582;
Classified Display: phone 04-474-0000; fax 04-474-0539;
National: phone 04-474-0000; fax 04-474-0490;

Advertising Network
Level 2, Fairfax House,
110 Customs Street West,
Viaduct Harbour,
Auckland, New Zealand
Ph: +64 9 970 4000
Fax: +64 9 970 4059

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