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Each month, NZ House & Garden offers readers the chance to step inside a selection of the country's most beautiful homes and gardens, and meet the people who created them.

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Each month, NZ House & Garden offers readers the chance to step inside a selection of the country's most beautiful homes and gardens, and meet the people who created them.

The people we interview are the lifeblood of the magazine, and we aim to tell real human stories about what makes them tick, what drives their special brand of creativity, what their homes mean to them. With a team of freelance writers and photographers from throughout the country, we work hard to find the best examples of every house style - classic, contemporary, country, art deco and so on - and to offer a rich variety of house features in every issue. The editorial mix also includes gardens, style pages, artist's profiles and an entertaining section filled with recipe ideas.

NZ House & Garden prides itself on quality journalism and photography, excellent design and high production standards, delivering a premium experience to readers every month. This is not a "how to" magazine: rather it is a suggestion box, a mustering of ideas to be pondered, adapted or simply enjoyed. It is a smorgasbord of possibilities from which the reader can select, at leisure, what suits them. It inspires rather than instructs. This is the timeless appeal of NZ House & Garden, the country's leading home title for more than a decade.

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"NZ House & Garden is about New Zealanders at home. It accompanies creative, clever, interesting people into their personal spaces, and talks to them about their lifestyle, and what their home means to them. The timeless appeal of the magazine lies in the rich mix of homes in every issue, the excellent photography and great human stories, and the magazine's premium production qualities which make it a pleasure to pick up and read through."

Sally Duggan, Editor

71% female.

Higher than average incidence of female household shoppers with children aged 0-17 years.

71% own their own home, with 41% of those being mortgage free - a higher mortgage free rate than readers of the competitive set*.

Interested in the arts and cultural pursuits - 285,000 have visited an art gallery/museum  in the past year.

High incidence of internet usage and proficient users of technology -89% have used the internet in the past week.

Style-conscious and savvy, our female readers care about how things look. They seek out the latest news and trends for their home, but also have an avid interest in fashion, beauty and health advice - 73% have personally purchased facial skin care in the past three months.

Source: Nielsen CMI Q3 12 - Q2 13


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A variety of ad packages are available. Consider premium advertising placements alongside product mention in our Product Extra pages to help reinforce your brand or to showcase a new product. Advertise in our magazine, on the website or in our fortnightly E-newsletter. Also available are positions in our Directory.

Basic insert options range from Loose Single or Multiple Leaf to Bound Inserts (both Single and Multiple Leaf) and Hand Tip-Ons. Contact the NZ House & Garden Ad Manager or your Network Representative for other customised options.

Brand extensions
Brand extensions are available, with special publications such as Home Ideas Sourcebook,Country Living 1 & 2, Summer Christmas published annually. These include a select number of premium advertising placements. Contact the NZ House & Garden Ad Manager or your Network Representative for more information.


NZ House & Garden has a fortnightly email newsletter which goes out to over 19,000 members.  It has advertorial as well as banner and skyscraper advertising opportunities.

Subsription offers 
In each issue a double-page subscription offer - featuring added-value prizes, product offers or discounted prices - is designed to entice readers to subscribe.  Opportunities exist for advertising clients wishing to utilise these pages to give away products.

Retail is a key component of our marketing efforts, enticing the consumer to purchase our magazine. Often additional value will feature on the magazine as a cover mount or a tip-on, which is an item of value bagged or glued onto a header card inserted into the magazine. Significant reader prizes are often displayed on book marks inserted into each magazine. This activity is promoted in-store, at point of sale and with displays, which encourages sales of the magazine and provides a fantastic opportunity for advertisers to associate their brand with the magazine.

In March each year, NZ House & Garden magazine hosts the NZ House & Garden Tours to raise money and the profile of charities The Cancer Society of NZ and Look Good Feel Better. These events see more than 40 houses and gardens in four New Zealand cities and open their doors and gates to thousands of people in support of the campaign. Proceeds of the tours exceed $200,000, all of which goes directly to the charities.

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